Give the Gift of a Good Scare for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it seems like there isn’t much for fans of the macabre. This is a time for love and soft squishy teddy bears, not death and gore, isn’t it? Well, we decided to change the narrative. We let our phones die and went alone into the dark basement of the internet. What we found there was horrifying — and that’s perfect!

We dragged ourselves screaming out of a pit covered in blood to deliver these five perfect gifts to you (okay, okay, that’s a bit melodramatic, but you get the sentiment). We want your horror fan to be happy — let our sacrifice help you make it out of Valentine’s Day alive. Mwahahaha!

A Murderously Good Bath Mat

If there isn’t enough blood in your valentine’s life, we found a way to add a little more to their daily routine. Like some of our favorite horror flicks, this bath mat is secretly scary. At first glance, it appears to be just a white mat, but it hides a bloody secret that can only be revealed with water. The best way to give this gift? Put it down in the bathroom and wait. Let your love’s screams of horror be all the thanks you need.

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An Eye Popping Bit of Spice

You know what they say: nothing says love like stuffing salt and pepper shakers into the disembodied eye sockets of a dead zombie. Your valentine can yank out one of these bad boys any time they need to add a little extra kick to their cooking.

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Their Theme Song on a Shirt

This shirt lets everyone know your love soundtrack. Enough said.

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Some Pillow-normal Activity

We’re sure your favorite horror fan lives in a haunted house – why wouldn’t they? Ghosts are pesky, though – they don’t show up whenever you want them to, and they don’t show up to prove their existence to investigators (the jerks). This pillow gives all the spookiness of a haunting to your lover’s couch – without all that pesky chair stacking and whatnot. Just set it up and wait for your valentine to scream — with delight.

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A Pair of Ghoulish Goblets

Sometimes you just want to kick back with your favorite horror fan and enjoy a nice glass of blood…er, we mean wine. These goblets are perfect for that spooky movie marathon you have planned for this weekend. Clink your glasses nec-romanticly and enjoy your sweetie’s delight at your devilishly good gift.

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Written by Gemr
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