Tom Norskov owner of Brickhouse Antiques in Topeka, Kansas had quite a surprise recently. He was cleaning a rubber figurine of Fred Flintstone when Fred’s head fell off, but that was not what was surprising.  When he looked down inside, he saw 20 carefully folded love letters written from a “Debi” to a “Bob”.

Most people in this situation may just toss them out, but instead Tom decided to hunt down the lovers, or former lovers by posting the story in the Topeka Capital Journal and on Facebook’s “Topeka History Geeks” page.

It caused a stir and many Topekan’s made it their mission to find the sweethearts. Through luck and persistence, they were able to track down one of the party who came and collected the lost archive at the store.

According to a follow up article, Tom acknowledged the story “doesn’t have the juicy ending I think everybody wanted.”


At least it they are back in the hands of one of the lovers, to perhaps be hidden once again. Maybe this time they will be concealed in a Funko Flintstone Pop only to be discovered again in several decades down the road by a future antique vinyl dealer.

by Martin Willis

Written by Gemr
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