30 years ago today Bruce Springsteen launched the album that would catapult his career selling 30 million copies and make his blue jean bottom an infamous rock icon. “Born In The USA” will forever be a classic with a chorus that nearly every American has belted out at one point or another whether it be in the car with the windows down, at a summer barbecue, or in unison with the 4th of July fireworks.  The Boss’ influence on his fans ranges from those that merely turn up his tunes when heard on the radio to die-hards that have amassed impressive collections of Bruce Springsteen memorabilia. There were plenty of fans who drove all over the country to see him play.



One such fan has compiled an astounding selection of Springsteen artifacts over the last 30 years, and in honor of this special event, is sharing his collection with fellow fans with an online web exhibit.  Michael Crane, a dedicated fan and founder of website blindedbythelight.com, has created a commemorative museum that features memorabilia such as album covers, autographed items, clothing, cars, school report cards, guitars, as well as lyrics and letters handwritten by The Boss himself. Basically anything and everything that Springsteen ever touched.

This is the most comprehensive known Bruce Springsteen collection and to access Crane’s wealth of knowledge and rare collectibles, fans only need to pay $5. The admission price lets them take a full tour of the online museum and, who knows, maybe after seeing all these amazing Springsteen artifacts, they will start a Bruce collection of your own.

Written by Gemr
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