Epcot will be the home for the new Disney ride, “Frozen Ever After”, based on the 2013 critically acclaimed animated film, Frozen. “Frozen Ever After” will open its doors next year, replacing the 27-year old Maelstrom ride in the Norway Pavilion.

To finish the “Frozen Ever After” ride within the yearlong time frame, the new ride will capitalize on the current structure and course of the existing Maelstrom ride. The ride’s concept was in the works before the film was even released. Disney explained that the process of remodeling the existing ride is significant easier, fast, and cheaper than creating an entirely new ride.
Although the same structure, passenger logs, and ride path will be used, the existing ride will surely receive the Frozen touch. The four-minute ride will be set during the Winter Festival; held in the summer months, Arendelle residents celebrate their deep love for their favorite season, winter.

The ride will actually begin while park-goers are waiting in line. The line will move right past the Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post storefront. The jolly trader will holler “Yoo-hoo!”, in his think accent, to those who pass by.

Once the riders board their floating logs, they will begin the journey through the world of Arendelle. Riders will see Olaf and Sven, the goofy snowman and reindeer pair. The two friends are setting up, in preparation for the Winter Festival. The log will then turn to a new scene where riders meet Grandpappy Troll in Troll Valley. Grandpappy is telling a group of children the story of how Anna and Kristof met.

The passenger log then climbs up a ramp where riders can see Olaf singing while he ice skates. He skates over to join Anna, Kristof, and Sven all signing together. Finally the log passes through a set of doors and enters the climatic scene. Riders get their first glimpse at Elsa, the Snow Queen, as she walks out on to a glimmering balcony singing the famed song, Let It Go. This section of the ride will utilize elaborate effects to simulate snow crystals.

After experiencing the Snow Queen in all of her beauty and power, riders are taken past the formerly evil snowman, Marshmellow. He is playing with his Snowgie pals, leading the riders towards the finale. In the final scene, riders experience a fireworks show where Elsa, Anna, Kristof, Olaf, and Sven wave farewell.

The ride will use cutting edge, audio-animatronic characters to ensure the highest quality experience possible. Projectors will even be mounted behind the faces of the characters to create more lifelike animation, simulating the animation style that Frozen fans have become accustom to.

The goal of the ride is to evoke similar feelings to seeing the movie, without having to tell the complete story again. Disney wants Frozen fans to experience the world of Arendelle in a completely new way. They want riders to feel like they are a part of “Frozen Ever After”.

Disney is also hoping that the new ride will boast the popularity of Epcot. The entertainment giant has noticed a considerable drop in attendance in the Epcot Park between 2009-2013. “Frozen Ever After” is working to bring life and energy back into the park.

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