Funko can’t stop working their magic.

Do you have enough Funko Pop!s yet? If you’re going to the San Diego Comic Con, Funko is making a strong case that you don’t.

In the 7th wave of SDCC exclusive Pop! announcements, Funko is focusing on characters from Warner Brothers TV shows and movies. The most predominately featured property on display is Harry Potter, with three of the six offerings containing characters from the series. Harry Potter himself makes an appearance mounted on a broom, and fan favorite Luna Lovegood also returns sporting her pair of Spectrespecs. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! gets some love as well, with a 6” Occamy figure ready to make waves in your collection.

That said, the non-Harry Potter characters of this wave are poised to be hot sellers as well. Lord of the Rings fans will be treated to a 2-pack containing Aragorn and Arwen, because honestly, separating the two would just be cruel. In fact, we’re surprised these two iconic characters never got the Pop! treatment until now! SDCC visitors can also look out for Dean & Baby from Supernatural, and Lincoln as Reaper from The 100.

If you haven’t been kept up to date on Funko’s SDCC offerings, be sure to take a look at their past reveals as well. From Star Wars and comic books to cartoons and TV, they’re making sure to cater to fans of all kinds.

There’s still a ton of Pop!s left to be revealed for SDCC, so be sure to check in frequently to see what they’ll show off next. In fact, literally as I was writing this post, Funko revealed a new Rick and Morty figure and a wave of Disney Pop!s. In other words, they’ve got a lot of figures they’re bringing to SDCC.

Though most figures will be available after the convention sans the SDCC sticker, definitely check out their full roster to see if any of them catch your interest. Who knows how long any of these will be available at retail.

Written by TimM
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