We are Going to Pika-Choose to Buy a Pokemon Funko!

Oh my gosh! Has Funko been reading our blogs? We feel like they have just been checking off lines from our top ten Funkos that don’t exist list — this is the third one this year! After The Princess Bride and Hercules we thought they were done, but then on Thursday, the news dropped. They are making Pokemon Funko Pop!s!!!

Okay, we need to calm down, we’re just so excited to add Pokemon Pop!s to our collection. We’re going to breathe for a second.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • The only announced Pokemon Pop! so far is Pikachu
  • It will be a Target exclusive
  • It will be out sometime in July (the exact date is open for debate)

Funko is playing this one pretty close to the vest. We have a strong feeling there will be an Eevee to follow, given the upcoming Let’s Go, Eevee! game coming out for Switch. With the new games not coming out until November, this is the perfect time to launch a Pokemon Funko line. We are between generations and there isn’t much else going on for Pokemon fans. We (and a lot of other people) are going nuts about the news!

We can see a whole line forming in our minds right now.

First off, if we get Pikachu, we have to get Ash. Hands down. And of course, if we have Ash, we need Team Rocket. Then we expect we will see the original starters: Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. Then, if we’re really lucky we will get 6” figures of their evolutions. Heck, we would even take small evolutions. Maybe, just maybe, later on down the line as they put out fan favorites, we will get 6” legendaries!

This is all speculation of course. But we’re so excited, we’re building our dream Funko teams inside our heads and crossing our fingers. Hopefully, this is the first of a lot of announcements to come!

Written by Gemr
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