Loot Anime Gemr Colab

If there’s one thing anime has taught us, it’s that everything is better with friends. In fact, the bonds we forge with each other are so strong that they can power giant robots, crush evil gods, and rip the space time continuum to shreds. We knew Gemr needed something like that, just… you know, without the dismantling of reality and all that.

So, that’s why we’re stoked to announce our brand new, officially sanctioned Loot Anime club on Gemr! If you are a Loot Anime subscriber, this is the place for you to show off your monthly loot, chat with fellow anime fans, and even buy and sell previous Loot Anime exclusives right on our platform. The best part? We’ve uploaded all the Loot Anime crates from this past year for you! All you have to do is sign up, select which crates you own, and your profile will be automatically loaded with pictures of everything you’ve received through Loot Anime.

Loot Anime Club

The Loot Anime club in action!

Not a Loot Anime subscriber? No problem! You can still participate in the Loot Anime club, interact with your fellow collectors, and follow Loot Anime on Gemr. Anime fans new to Gemr can also check out our many long-standing anime themed clubs, including the Anime & Manga club, the Anime Figures club, and the Sailor Moon club.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and check out the Loot Anime club for yourselves! You won’t regret making it part of your 計画 (TL Note: 計画 means Keikaku (TL Note: Keikaku means plan)).

Written by Gemr
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