Gemr Product Update

Greetings gemrs!

It’s been awhile since our last Product Update, but rest assured, the team has been working on new content as intensely as ever. In fact, Gemr has debuted three releases we’ve yet to talk about, each loaded to the brim with exciting improvements. In light of that, let’s cut to the chase and jump right to the good stuff, ‘cause we have a lot of exciting info to share with you!

New Features on Gemr

Update Posts

What collector’s platform would be complete without an easy way to share fascinating facts and exciting news about your collecting interests? Gemr certainly wouldn’t, which is why we’re introducing our new Update feature!

Any user looking to share insight, news, tutorials, or virtually anything else about collecting can post Updates to either their personal activity feed (for their followers) or a club’s activity feed (for members of that club). It’s similar to writing a Facebook status, except designed specifically for collectors and the ever changing culture around their collections. This is why we implemented Rich Content support into Updates, allowing followers and fellow club members to view images, watch videos, and preview links within posts. Other users will be able to favorite and leave their own comments on your Updates as well!

Gemr Rich Content Updates

Note: Not all websites support the industry standards that enable rich content previews.

What’s more, you’ll be able to favorite Updates as you would items or collections. You can also use the share button to, well, share interesting updates on Facebook and Twitter!

The Gemr Share Button

Curator’s Corner

The Curator’s Corner is a new, unique space where Club Curators will be able to share engaging content with a club community. All clubs currently support Curator’s Corners, and the Gemr team will be showcasing this feature for users before opening this functionality up to volunteer curators.

The Gemr Curator's Corner

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer club curator, please send an email to Be sure to tell us which club(s) you wish to curate.

New Comment Layout and Notification Tray

No one likes a mess, so we’ve been cleaning up the site to deliver the organization you deserve. For starters, we’ve condensed the notification page into the new Notification Tray. By clicking the notification button, you’ll be able to see all your recent notifications without ever needing to leave the page you’re on. You’ll still be able to see a full list of your notifications by clicking the SEE ALL button in the tray, but this is now only an option – not a necessity.

The Gemr Notification Tray

We’ve given a sleek new design to our comments as well. Conversations on Items, Collections, and Updates are now viewed in a single conversation tile in the activity feed.

Club Invites

Though the Gemr community is already full of passionate and friendly collectors, who says you can’t invite some friends and family members to enjoy Gemr with you? We certainly haven’t, which is why we’ve made an easy to use Invite Others button.

To use it, simply go to a club’s page, find the Invite Others button, and voila! You’ll be given a chance to fill out a small form with the recipient’s email address (don’t worry, we won’t send spam) as well as a personalized message if you’d like to spice up our standard stock email. There’s no need to be a member of a club to invite someone in, and you can invite existing gemrs to clubs as well!

@ Mention

See something you’d like to draw to the attention of a fellow gemr? Fret not, for you’ll now be able to partake in the great social tradition of typing that person’s user name preceded by the @ symbol (Ex: @thatchrisgore) to tag them in a post or comment. With great power comes great responsibility, so use this new feature wisely!

Usability Improvements

Streamlined Site Navigation

The more time you spend interacting with the collectibles and collectors that matter to you, the better. We value your time, so we’re making our user interface as easy to understand as possible.

Not only have we greatly simplified our main navigation, we’ve added hover-over helper text to every button that doesn’t feature a pull-down menu. We’ve also enabled Club Searches, which lets you more easily find the items you’re searching for within a club.

Add Item Redesign

Adding items to your collection is the cornerstone of the Gemr experience, and we want the process to be streamlined and fun. You’ll now be able to share new items faster than ever, and you’ll be able to use the Add Item button when viewing a collection to automatically add a new item to it.

Plus, the Add Item experience now offers basic image editing tools. Before saving a new image to your account, you’ll be able to crop and rotate the picture directly on Gemr!

The Gemr Add Item Redesign

Recently Viewed Items

There are a lot of cool collectibles on Gemr, but keeping track of everything you viewed in a single session can be difficult. Sure, you could make a new tab for every page you visit on the site, but we wouldn’t wish that kind of chaos on anyone.

To save you time and sanity, we will now track what you’ve viewed for you! By clicking the Recently Viewed button on the top left side of an item viewing panel, you’ll be able to access a drop down menu that tracks every item you’ve seen to that point. We’d like to thank everyone who helped us fine-tune this feature as it was developing!

The Gemr Recently Viewed Feature

Make an Offer Improvements

It can take a bit of back and forth for two people to agree on an item’s price when using the Make an Offer feature, so we’ve made it even easier for a buyer and seller to negotiate with each other to help facilitate this process.

Additionally, we’ve added a Message Seller button to items listed as “For Sale,” allowing you to ask fine tuned questions about the item you’re thinking about buying.

The Gemr Message Seller Button

Suggested Edit Tile

The Suggested Edit feature enables you to share your collecting knowledge about a collectible with that item’s owner. All suggested edits made to an item are now viewable on a single Suggested Edit Tile. The item’s owner may opt to comment, vote on, or accept the edits within the tile on their activity feed.

Embedded URLs

Informative discussions often require proper sources to back up certain claims, and we want to make this process easier for everyone. Users now have the ability to Embed URLs in comments and status posts, allowing them to link to other pages on Gemr or anywhere else on the internet.

Performance Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Optimized Code

Delivering the fastest load times and the best performance is a never-ending pursuit, but rest assured, the Gemr team is just as committed to optimization as ever. We’ve rewritten vast amounts of code to deliver a more satisfying user experience across all of Gemr, and we’re diligently searching out other areas of the site that require further attention.

More Relevant Suggested Items

We’ve built upon our algorithms that suggest items to you, so you’ll be seeing more specialized content recommendations while browsing Gemr. In fact, we’ve implemented the same improvements to our Trending Users, so you’ll be connected to other collectors who more closely share your interests.

Reordering Images of your Collectibles Fixed

Many users reported an issue in which it was impossible to reorder a single collectible’s pictures, and we’re happy to say this bug is officially squashed. Thank you to everyone who contacted us about this, as we couldn’t have fixed it without you!

Fixed Buying Experience Bug

When buying items, column headings and dollar amounts would sometimes become misaligned on wider displays. This issue is now officially fixed.

Quick Collect Fixed

Some users of the Gemr mobile apps encountered a bug related to the Quick Collect feature, in which images were not uploaded correctly. We’ve fixed this issue as well.

We Want To Hear From You!

Gemr would be nothing without the enthusiastic and amazing users we have today, and we want to hear from you to make Gemr even better. If there’s a feature you’d like to see or a fix we need to work on, send us a message by clicking the button below! Our community means everything to us, and we’ll be working diligently to provide the best experience possible.

To learn more about new releases as soon as they debut, remember to check out our Release Notes.


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