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Cataloging is a collector’s best friend.

Let’s be honest; if you are already using Gemr and reading this blog, you are probably a collector of something.

Finally, there is an easy-to-use app that is creating a community to share and sell what you’ve spent time and money collecting. What you may not realize is that Gemr is also helping every collector catalog their collections. Keeping good track of what you have is an essential tool every collector should have in their tool box. Of course it is tedious and time consuming, which is why most people don’t consider cataloging until their collection is way out of control. Even worse if something happens to a collection and someone can’t prove what they had is, in fact, theirs. Luckily we live in an age where there is an app for that!

I’m not really here to boast about how great Gemr is, but instead bring to light the value in cataloging. Gemr is making this process something you can easily incorporate into your daily collecting life. So what is cataloging anyways?

Star Wars Figures

Basically, when you are cataloging your collection, you are keeping more than a list of what you have. This should be a comprehensive database that would include an abundance of researched information and up to date pictures of every piece in your collection. This is helpful to keep you from buying duplicates of items, keeping track of the current value of your collectibles, and help you to get those super valuable pieces insured. The worst thing that can happen to any collector is some unforeseen event that causes them to lose a priceless piece.

I started thinking about this a few years ago when my boyfriend decided it was time to start bringing home his Star Wars collection. We traveled to visit some family, and on our way back, he filled up an extra suitcase with vintage Star Wars figures from his childhood. As our living room became overrun with stormtroopers and our hallway lined with shelves to display his over 300 individual comic book issues, I knew this was more than just a hobby. His collection has spanned his lifetime, and I wanted to make sure I could help protect everything he had procured.


This is when I started looking into how I could catalog what he had and help get the most valuable pieces insured. I quickly realized that it was going to be tedious and time consuming to research each item and its corresponding value. Validating what an item is is one thing, but claiming the worth is highly dependent on the current market of what someone is willing to purchase it for. It all seemed very overwhelming at first, until I found that developing my own system for cataloging coupled with using Gemr was the perfect solution for me.

An added benefit I’ve noticed as I’ve been cataloging to insure the more valuable pieces in his collection is the ability to pull up our collection up on the fly. This has become a lifesaver to keep from purchasing duplicates, like when we were at Wondercon this year. My boyfriend and I were searching through a sea of long boxes when he noticed a few individual Star Wars comics from Marvel’s original run. They were set for what we thought was an amazing price, but then we both realized we couldn’t remember exactly which issues he was missing.

Luckily, I was able to pull up that specific collection on Gemr to figure out exactly which issues he was missing instead of impulse purchasing everything we saw. And thanks to our research, we could accurately see that the price for these issues actually was a huge steal. Score! Without being able to pull this up, we may have bought other issues we already have and spent more than we had to. We’ve all been there as collectors being drunk on the hunt and not wanting to let something go that we find. Now, buyer’s remorse can become a thing of the past so we can share our finds with confidence!

Star Wars Comics

When you are a serious collector, there is a lot of fun in the hunt for an item, and it is very satisfying to share your spoils with others. Who doesn’t like to brag a little after finding a rare treasure? That’s what I’ve also found to be super helpful with using Gemr. The community not only is into what you are, but you can get a wealth of knowledge to accurately know what you have. With the ability to sell directly to other collectors, there is that added bonus that you might actually get what that item is worth. All while cataloging what you have! Seems like a win win to me.

I’m super stoked to have Gemr as part of my daily routine when updating my collection catalog, and if you aren’t already using it, I highly suggest checking out my collection to see how simple it is.

Happy Hunting!

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Written by Jess Del Pino
Jess is a Batman fanatic, toy enthusiast and all around nerd. It's what has inspired her to become a freelance writer and write about collectibles and the people who collect them. You can find more of her work at or on social @NerdyLatex.