Gemr couldn’t be more honored and excited to announce that we took home 2nd place at TechOut, New Hampshire High Tech Council’s largest competition last Thursday night.  We would like to personally thank everyone who came out and gave their support.  We would also like to congratulate the other four finalists: uConnect, ApplyKit, SwitchNote and VidFall.  We were thoroughly impressed with the level of competition present at the event and are hoping to all succeed in growing New Hampshire’s small businesses.  To keep the money in New Hampshire, we plan on investing in sponsored events, internship programs, and various community outreach efforts.

While the TechOut competition culminated in one big event (a big thanks to our host, Dyn Services), there were months of applications and pitches leading up to the big night and every single entrepreneur should be proud of any level of involvement.  TechOut awards a total of $100,000 to the top three entrepreneurs with the most innovative and viable technology product or solution.  While only the top three contestants win prize money, every entrepreneur wins given the invaluable feedback and exposure for each contestant.


Gemr gained some great visibility in the community and rest assured that you will be seeing a lot more of Gemr, both on the road and off.


Written by Gemr
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