Gemr Comic-Con

Live vicariously through us at Comic-Con.

Sad that San Diego Comic-Con 2017 is over? Maybe it’s time to relive some memories!

If you missed our many San Diego Comic-Con adventures on Twitter, don’t fret! We’re here to catch you up to speed. We sent over Chelsea, Michelle, and Ema to capture as much Comic-Con action as they could, and needless to say, they were busy all week. Check out over 25 videos of unboxings, interviews, sneak peaks, and of course collectibles on the official Gemr Youtube channel.

Normally we’d give each video its own unique post on our blog, but we have so much content here that we couldn’t fit it all into one week! As a compromise, we’ve made a complete playlist for you to enjoy at your leisure. So go ahead, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

As a bonus, you can also catch the full audio of the Star Wars Dysfunctional Skywalker Family panel, starring Gemr’s Chelsea, Chris Gore, and Jeff Tucker. Check it out below!

Written by Gemr
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