Who Doesn’t Love Free Comics?

We’ve finally done it, folks. We have officially run out of shelf space at Gemr. Now, this might sound like bad news, but it’s actually a golden opportunity for YOU!

To make space for more comics, figures, and everything else enthusiastically collect, we’re giving away some AWESOME comic packs that our friends at Jetpack Comics & Games were nice enough to give us. When we say awesome, we mean things like a three-pack of Dark Knight Metal #1 with three different covers with limited runs. Or Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary three-packs with limited run covers…and that’s just the start of it! We’re going to keep this party going until our shelves are… mostly… bare, and then we’re going to start all over again!

How do you get in on such an awesome giveaway?

  1.  Click the link below
  2. Join Gemr (if you haven’t already)
  3. Join the Comic Book Club

That’s it!

Want more chances to win? Each comic or figure you add to the Comic Book Club is another entry! So show off your collection by hitting the + button on the mobile app (did we mention we have an awesome mobile app?) or the ADD button in the top right on the web! Then sit back and wait for Free Comic Friday!

Written by Gemr
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