A Galaxy of Rare Star Wars Collectibles Could Be Yours!

You’re probably here because you heard that the First Order had ransacked a planet and stolen several rare Star Wars collectibles. We have negotiated the release of these rare collectibles, and we think we’ve come to a peaceful solution. The Empire will release them — but only into the hands of one lucky person who complies with their demands. We had to talk them down from something rash, so please, help us rescue this galaxy of collectibles before they are incinerated!

What smuggled goods are we talking about? Nothing less than a Hasbro Retro Kenner Style Emperor figure signed by Ian McDiarmid, a wristwatch with a map of the death star from Rogue One, a SDCC 2017 Hasbro exclusive Jedi Master Luke and Jedi Training Rey two pack, a three-pack of Star Wars comics, and, because the Empire insisted on its inclusion, a talking plush Kylo Ren (they claim it is very rare and valuable, but we think it’s just cute).

The First Order has three demands:

  1. Click the link below — if you don’t click the link, they can’t find you on their scanners!
  2. Sign up for Gemr (If you haven’t already)
  3. Join the Star Wars Club.

If you complete all three of these steps, they will place you on the list of those who are eligible to win. They also told us that their scanners respond more favorably if you add collectibles to the Gemr Star Wars Club. Use the + button on the mobile app (they want you to know we have an awesome mobile app) or the ADD button on the top right on the web to add your items to the club. Each item you add makes you brighter on the scanner and easier for the First Order to locate, so start adding and increase your chances of winning! We have the chance to free these rare collectibles so they will be safe from the Order forever (in your collection), but we can’t do it without you!

The Order declared that you have from December 1st to January 3rd, 2018, at noon to comply. After that, they will make their selection.

Help us Star Wars Fans, you’re our only hope!

UPDATE: We have a winner! Congrats, @planetgrl!

Written by Gemr
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