Going For A Drive In Jay Leno’s Turbine Car

Okay, we are seriously jealous of this writer/blogger who got the chance of a lifetime to tour Jay Leno’s renowned garage that’s chock full of classic cars. 

Here’s an excerpt of his (okay, maybe ours) fantasy day:

“I got in the passenger seat and we headed out. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday in Burbank. We had the windows rolled down and I took in the scenery. Jay Leno at the wheel of a Turbine Car and me in the passenger seat. I noticed that pedestrians would turn and look at the car before it passed them, drawn by the unusual sound. Some people noticed who was driving the car and waved. Jay waved back. This next photo is not the greatest I ever took but you will recognize that it is a Turbine Car. On the road. Taken from inside the car.”

Is that enough of a teaser to get your engines going?  




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