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It’s that time of year again when lipstick on your teeth only adds to the desired effect! Halloween is here, and we’re getting ready for the big night by binge-watching YouTube makeup tutorials. We found so so so many, but we’ve tightly narrowed it down to a few of our favorites across a wide variety of fandoms. Our personal favorite videos feature techniques ranging from the DIY to the more complicated that require special effect prosthetics. From cute to horrific, from easy to hard, we’ve discovered tutorials that are perfect for getting in the Halloween spirit. We can’t wait to give these a try, and we hope you will too!

Hello Kitty

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary, spooky and ghoulish! It can be downright cute. Let GlitterGirlC walk you through creating a totally adorbs Hello Kitty look, complete with iconic pink bows! We envy her super steady hand as she truly completes the look with the teeniest of touches! At just 6 minutes long, you’ll quickly learn how to recreate Kitty White’s signature look.. GlitterGirlC’s Hello Kitty version is professional, but we can’t wait to try this one on our own! She gets major bonus points from us for being easy to follow and not requiring a makeup bag full of tricks — this is all treat!

Jack and Sally – Nightmare Before Christmas

What’s this? What’s this? A Jack and Sally makeup tutorial! On ONE face! There’s a very compelling reason why Madeyewlook’s Jack and Sally from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas has almost 1.5 million views! She’s expertly created two looks in one — no need to pick sides here! Madeyewlook goes far beyond simple makeup techniques to create the Pumpkin King and Sally, but we have confidence in your makeup abilities! You’ll be singing “This is Halloween” from the NBC soundtrack while recreating this perfect Halloween look. “Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange?” Yes! Yes, we would!

Burnt Belle – Beauty And The Beast

Be the belle of the Halloween ball with this horrific take on Disney’s classically beautiful Princess Belle! Glam&Gore has created a look that’s, well, half glam and half gore but all awesome! We don’t mean to speculate on how Belle got those burns *coughLumierecough*, but it is a very effective Halloween look. Glam&Gore even provides a list of sponsors where you can purchase everything you could ever need to recreate this reimagined Disney princess. Be our guest and pull up a makeup sponge!


Now that we have whet your appetite with some fantastical transformations, we thought we’d show you a very approachable look. We’re predicting Gamora from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be huge for Halloween this year, and BigAppleBeauty delivers! She ensures the look is less Elphaba from Wicked and all adopted daughter of Thanos! Careful, though! Make sure to pay close attention to the detailing above the eyes to pull off this look. Bonus points for bringing along a plush raccoon as part of your costume.

Joker and Harley Quinn — Suicide Squad

We’ve saved this epic twofer for last! Are you looking for a couples costume idea? We’ve got you covered with the fantastic duo of DC’s Suicide Squad Joker and Harley Quinn. Going as Dr. Harleen Quinzel is easy enough, but you can step it up a notch or two with this tutorial by Jbunzie. Not only does she show you all the tips and tricks of becoming the King and Queen of the Gotham underground, she and her partner also recreate scenes from the movie! Our favorite instruction from this masterful tutorial? “….and then back towards your hairline as if you were crying and just wiped your tears away.” (4:40) We love direction anyone can follow, and that really puts us in the mindset of the character! Even if you’re not planning on dressing up this year, all these videos are worth a view –or several– on their own!

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