We’ve been gathering together each night as the holidays come to an end. Together we celebrate the joy of the season, sharing gifts, companionship, and food. Candles burn on a Menorah, lights adorn our tree, and we join together in friendship and fellowship. We read our favorite books, delight in new collectibles, and share the feeling of excitement that we got to spend another year here at Gemr, working for and interacting with all of you.

As we sit down for our holiday feasts, we pause to think how lucky we are to be here. How lucky we are to work on this site for all of you. We love to see your collections grow and new friendships form. This year we are most thankful for all of you who have come to Gemr to celebrate your favorite fandoms together. We could not be prouder of the supportive, kind, and passionate community that is forming here. We delight in knowing we have created a place where collectors like us can gather together and find people who love the same things they do.

So much has happened at Gemr this year! We have made lots of big and small changes that (we hope!) make the site and app better for all of you. We’ve been fixing things behind the scenes to make everything run smoother for you. We’ve polished our apps until they gleam (and if you haven’t picked them up yet, they are free for Android and iOS — which is a blessing after the holidays). And perhaps best of all, we fixed that pesky problem where we saw nothing but plastic crotches from your action figures on your feed (because no one wants unsolicited junk pics), to make your collections look even better. We were busier than elves as we ran through the offices making everything perfect.

We have a ton more amazing improvements waiting for just the right moment to be shipped out to all of you in the coming year, and so many more exciting things on the way we can’t wait to show you. Some of these things are ones you’ve been asking about for a while. We hear you, and we are excited to give you what you want! After all, Gemr exists for you. But for now, in this moment of reflection, we have one thing to say:

We are so thankful for each and every one of you who comes to Gemr and lets us keep doing what we love — making this place your favorite destination for celebrating the things you love with people who love them too.

Happy holidays from every one of us at Gemr. We hope yours are filled with new collectibles, happiness, and tender moments with your favorite people.

Written by Gemr
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