Ingalls Wilder’s Memoir Goes Behind the Scenes of Little House on the Prairie

Rejected by publishers when it was written in the 30s, author’s autobiography unveils experiences that informed her children’s books.

Little House on the Prairie is a book that so many of us are familiar with and now, 80 years after being written, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s memoir is finally being published.  Pioneer Girl was started by the author in 1930 and focused on the parts of her childhood that were perhaps a bit too gritty for a children’s book.  The memoir also lets readers in on the family dynamics that may have not been quite as rosy as they seemed.  Then again, other instances were dramatized for fiction’s sake as well.  The book will be released by The South Dakota Historical Society Press this fall and is to include photos, maps, diaries, and letters written by Ingalls Wilder herself.

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