James Gunn Pop Vinyl

James Gunn could be the next crazy valuable Pop! vinyl.

The Guardians of the Galaxy cast and Funko have long enjoyed a fruitful relationship with each other. But what about the director of the movie trilogy, James Gunn? As it turns out, he’s joining in on the fun too.

On September 18th, Funko announced the James Gunn Pop! vinyl would be joining their lineup of New York Comic-Con 2017 exclusive Pop! figures. Though Gunn is one of numerous figures being brought to New York Comic-Con, he could be one of the most peculiar figures Funko has announced in a long while. For starters, he’s of the Funko “Director” line, which has been… underutilized to say the least. Funko debuted this line of figures with the Paul Feig Pop! back in 2016, and many fans have long assumed the “director” line was a one-and-done deal. Now, despite over a year passing since then, James Gunn will be the first figure to use the “Director” line since the Feig figure.

Granted, other directors such as Kevin Smith have earned the Funko Pop treatment, but these have not utilized the “Director” moniker.

James Gunn with Funko

James Gunn with his respective Pop! figure.

Not only is James Gunn a NYCC 2017 exclusive, he’s also going to be super limited. Only 500 figures will be released, so we highly recommend snagging your own if you happen to be at the venue and see one. James Gunn’s popularity has skyrocketed since the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie premiered in 2014, and even before then he had his own cult following. That is to say, this likely won’t be just a novelty figure for most fans.

If you aren’t attending NYCC 2017, there may still be some hope to get your hands on this limited vinyl. As per James Gunn himself, the online Funko Shop will be selling the figure when NYCC opens on October 5th. That said, as the figure is already so limited, any online stock will inevitably be depleted quickly. If you’re interested in pursuing this option, we wish you the best of luck in your James Gunn sniping. Just make sure not to grab the ones we’re all already calling dibs on.

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