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Guest Blog: This blog post was contributed by Jetpack Comics & Games head-honcho, Ralph Di Bernardo

Here at Jetpack, we like to think of ourselves as a force to be reckoned with on the internet. Facebook was our domain (before Zuckerberg shut us down and forced us to start paying for business pages), Instagram was our vacation timeshare, and Twitter was our playground. Go ahead, take a look at them. I’ll wait.

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Pretty fun, right? Talking with our favorite creators, making fun of each other, and just having a good time. Except for one dark day, when Rich angered one of Twitter’s most holy figures.

Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith

Yes, the hockey jersey loving guy pointed his eye upon us, and like the gaze of Sauron, we were bombarded by his forces. Thousands of notifications making fun of us. Retweets overflowing our poor tweetdeck app. How did this dark day come to pass? Well, it all had to do with a little comic book show called Comic Book Men.

You see, when CBM first started up in 2012 and AMC actually wanted to promote it, we watched it… and noticed that the show was more interested in the Pawn Stars aspect of a comic shop than the actual comic shop. Looking to have a little fun, Rich tweeted @ThatKevinSmith saying he liked the show, but wished that it showed actual customers shopping at the Secret Stash. Naturally he tagged Smith, who saw it, and retweeted it.

That’s when the trouble began.

Kevin Smith at Jetpack Comics

Now, at Jetpack, we like Kevin Smith. He’s done a lot to help out comic shops and spread the Nerd Gospel to the “normies” out there. But he did NOT like our tweet. That retweet was a call to arms for his View Askew faithful, and they promptly bombarded us with tweets calling us every name in the book. After a few hours of this constant harassment, Rich was able to calm the hordes and make peace, but Smith never responded to our tweets ever again. However, Comic Book Men was shortly moved to a Midnight time slot after that moment too.

Coincidence? We think not.

Ralph DiBernardo
Formerly of The Comic Relief – Portsmouth, NH
Currently of Jetpack Comics LLC – Rochester, NH

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