Keith Richards Is Writing a Children’s Book. Yes, a Children’s Book.

Keith Richards, a grandfather himself, is writing a children’s book about his own grandfather.

To put it simply, Keith Richards is not the person you’d expect to write a book you’d read to your children at night, but soon that may be possible.  On Sept. 9 Keith Richards will be publishing his first children’s book entitled “Gus & Me: The Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar” along with an attached CD.  Richards recalls the close bond he had with his grandfather, Theodore Augustus Dupree.  As a jazz musician, his grandfather was the first one to introduce young Keith Richards to the guitar – I think we all owe him a big thank you!

The book is a whole family affair with his daughter Theodora completing the illustrations and Mr. Richards, himself, working on the text with a couple other writers.

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