Okay maybe not “The Batmobile,” but a street legal one!

Is there a bat-fan alive who doesn’t dream of owning the Batmobile? Honestly, we’ve had more conversations than we can count about exactly which Batmobile we would want to own if we could. There are plenty of designs to choose from, whether you like the movies, the comics, or the animated shows. Owning the Batmobile takes you one step closer to living the dream of being Batman — and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be Batman?

The idea of owning the Batmobile totally has us making this face (we even put on the cowl first). If you also dream of becoming Batman, we are here to let you know it’s possible — as long as you have a huge pile of cash like Bruce Wayne. He is a billionaire after all, so you have to have some primo cash to make it happen.

1966 Batmobile

Want an early model Batmobile? We’re happy to tell you that this is the easiest model to get your suited-up hands on. Meet Fiberglass Freaks, the only producer of an officially licensed Batmobile. They have the rights to create working replicas of Adam West’s Batmobile, and they are incredible.

The top end model has everything you need to be Batman. EVERYTHING. That means the Bat-phone (with pedestal), five light sequence flasher, Detect-a-scope (with lights and sound!), all the knobs you know and love, and even the bat-fire extinguisher (safety first). Plus soooooo much chrome. Oh, and don’t even get us started on the bat-spinners on the wheels — it’s the little details we love.

What’s even better than all that? Well, maybe that it has a bat-tastic 525hp engine to get you to the scene of the crime as fast as you can push the pedal. If you want this top of the line model, expect to pay $250K. However, if that number makes you a little batty, you can get a basic model for a much more affordable $125K. Well, affordable to Bruce Wayne at least.

1989 Batmobile

This is one of the most iconic Batmobiles ever made. The turbine front and the flame throwing back make this vehicle really stand out. Unfortunately, the Michael Keaton Batmobile doesn’t have an officially licensed producer — but that doesn’t stop fans from making their own. Customs of this iconic car appear here and there, and are often shrouded in as much mystery as Batman himself. As of 2018, it’s assumed there are about 10 of the custom cars that exist, but less than half of them are street legal.

The most famous won’t be yours, as its creator is too busy using it to bring joy to children. The owner lives in Australia and works with the Make a Wish Foundation to grant terminally ill children’s wishes — he lets kids meet Batman. He takes his street legal car out and lets kids sit in it, and spends time making sure that wherever he goes, he leaves happiness. We think this Batmobile is in great hands, but we know you also want one of your own.

While you can’t have his, you can build your own custom model — or you could buy one at auction. One went up for auction in 2014, so there’s hope! They don’t show up often, but it can happen. Don’t let your dreams be dreams.

The Animated Series

A lot of kids were introduced to Batman through The Animated Series. While it was toned down from the  comics, it was harder hitting than a lot of kids shows. This Batmobile was long, sleek, and imposing, so driving this powerful vehicle has been a fantasy for some of us since we were barely walking.

We have a little bit of bad news for you, though. Only one working replica is known to exist. There are plenty of photos of it (we’ve included one so you can see the proof), but not much is known outside of the owner. Now, we said this is bad news, but it’s also good news — weird, right? If one person has successfully made a replica, that means you can definitely whip out your Wayne style wallet and commission one (for a pretty hefty sum). You could be the second known owner of The Animated Series Batmobile, and that’s pretty bat-tacular.

The Tumbler

Christopher Nolan’s Batman was a badass (bat-ass? Or is that just what you call his butt?). His tone was very well aligned with the comics and the overwelming, insurmountable odds made this trillogy what it is. We loved them. The Tumbler, a.k.a. the Batmobile (but you know, call it what you will), is basically a tank that thinks it’s a car. This thing is intimidating, and basically unstoppable.

When it comes to owning one, you’re going to have to go the custom route (again). It’s incredibly rare to find one for sale, but they do exist and you can get one — if you have the money. It’s not cheap, but that’s nothing new when it comes to this list. Finding a custom shop who can make it, and make it road legal? Pretty hard, but not impossible. But hey, it’s a Batmobile — we expect it to be hard to get your hands on.

Batman vs. Superman/Justice League Batmobile

What about the newest Batmobile? Sure, the movies have been given a hard time. There were problems, but we still believe in Batman. DC can still make up for the “meh” showing in these two films — they already made up for some of it in how awesome the new Batmobile is. From its gull wing doors (that Superman ripped from it…and then Batman reattached before Justice League), to its gatling guns, it’s all-around awesome.

image of batman standing in front of the justice league batmobile

But can you own one? The answer…well, not yet. We are assuming, like with all Batmobiles, a fan somewhere is tirelessly striving to make one real. We know that someone, someday is going to own this incredibly powerful machine and race it around cities making everyone jealous. But for now? We will have to settle for owning the Ultimate Justice League Batmobile RC car from Mattel.

Sure, you can’t fit inside it…but you can drive it, and that’s the important part. It’s big, and it has a whole bunch of bells and whistles to make it cool enough to fill a tiny part of the hole in your heart that not having a Batmobile has left. Give it time. We know you’ll be able to get your hands on a custom Justice League Batmobile eventually.

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