L.A. Salons Bring Together Art World Novices and Insiders

Need some role models in creating the perfect art collection?  Look no further than Cliff and Mandy Einstein.  The ad executive and former tennis pro duo have been at it for 30 years so don’t beat yourselves up if you can’t match their world-class art collection.

When trying to mingle with and impress the contemporary art world’s biggest patrons, it can be difficult to compete.  Some tips based on the couple’s art collecting techniques include going to fairs, museum shows, and attending private salons.  The couple has explained to aspiring art collectors and professionals that going to a variety of events makes finding just the right piece to work in a cohesive collection that much easier.

Another tip?  If a painting hanging on a museum wall is labeled as “on loan” it’s probably available, FYI.

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