Led Zeppelin to unveil unheard Stairway to Heaven in next reissues

Let’s rewind for a second back to those awkward coming of age school dances that we’ve all tried so hard to forget.  Don’t worry, some of the memories might be painful but this one’s anything but.  Remember that slow jam that played ritually at the end of every school dance (even now) that sparked a slow dance at a painfully uncomfortable distance between pre-pubescent teens.  At a length that almost mocks the ensuing awkwardness, Stairway to Heaven has remained a classic that gives a little nod back to classic rock.  

Back to the present – Led Zeppelin has leaked that their October 27th reissue of Led Zeppelin IV and Houses of the Holy will feature a version of the classic Stairway to Heaven that, until this point, has remain unheard by the public ears.  The band has described the song you’ll hear in October as “the fabled alternate version”.  Besides the unheard version, Zeppelin fans will be able to enjoy a groovy mix of classics together on four reissued albums.


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