Denver Zoo Lion

The Denver Zoo had many unique animals move in this week. The Colorado zoo welcomed nearly three-dozen LEGO brick sculptures of animals and insects. These life-like creations are joining the zoo’s real life animals as a part of the “Nature Connects, Art With LEGO Bricks” exhibit. The exhibit, open today through November, is sponsored by The Goddard Schools, with some LEGO creations exclusively made for the Denver Zoo.

Hummingbird Lego Denver
These incredible works of art include a 400-pound bumblebee, a life-size lion, and a hummingbird with an eight-foot wingspan. The LEGO species range from being native to North America, to species found across the globe. The creations even include endangered species, featuring animals like a polar bear, snow leopard, and a whooping crane.
Denver Lego BumbleBee
The Denver Zoo also shared that new pieces will be joining the exhibit in October. The new creations will be brought in for the Halloween celebration.

Running from August through October, the zoo is offering LEGO workshops where children and their families can learn, build, and play. The select dates feature different workshops focused on a specific animal. Details about the workshops and about the exhibit can be found at the Denver Zoo website,

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