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Guest blog written by @jetpackcomics own @jonwahizzle

We’ve told you about some of our enemies, but now it’s time for you all to learn about one of Jetpack’s friends: Mark Millar.

There’s no better friend of Jetpack than Mark Millar. Hell, there’s no better friend of Comic Shops than Mark Millar. Don’t know who Mark Millar is? Ever heard of Wanted, Kick-Ass, or Kingsman: The Secret Service? Well, Mark’s the mastermind behind those comics turned movies, as well as the hit Marvel works Old Man Logan and Civil War (that last one might ring a bell for you).

Wanted Comic

Anyways, ol’ Mark has an annual contest for Free Comic Book Day where he gives away original art, comics, swag, and other stuff. However, his 2015 Free Comic Book Day Millar Contest was different than other years. This year, Mark’s prize was a store signing from the man himself! And guess who won?

If you guessed “Jetpack Comics,” then you are today’s no-prize winner!

Now, we had to go through some hoops to get Mark to come visit us. What kinds of hoops? Well, we had to dress up as characters from Mark’s books. For someone weird like me, this was great (I love to dress up like superheroes).

Jetpack Cosplay

But for Ralph? Hell no. Ralph hates dressing up. He hates Halloween and he hates fun. But Ralph also loves Mark Millar, so he was at an impasse. Would he do something he hates for someone he loves?

Jetpack Group Cosplay

Oh he did, and we have the pictures to prove it.

Mark Millar Tweet

After a full day of showing our Millarworld love (and I showed a little too much Millarworld love), Mark decided to visit us that summer, and man oh man, did we throw an awesome party. As an added bonus, Millar’s Chrononauts artist Sean Murphy came out for the signing as well. Since Mark lives in Scotland, this was the first time that Murphy was going to meet him in person, and he was super pumped.

All in all, it was a truly magical day at Jetpack. Mark was easily the nicest and more personable comic pro we’ve had in the store, and we closed out some bars with him after the signing. Hell, he even listened to Jon as his psychiatrist. If you ever get the chance to have Mark Millar show up at your house and drink all of your beer, take it. Trust us. You’ll be hungover as hell, but you’ll have one great story… if you remember it.

Mark Millar Bar

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