I think we all know by now that the modern Superhero trend started with Blade. Blade movies changed how comic book movies were filmed. It kickstarted the industry using black contrasting textured costumes. It also predated Deadpool by making the movies R-rated, taking into account that comic book movies are not just for kids. The influence of Blade‘s success runs deep, from The Matrix to the X-men.

Without the Blade series, we don’t get the greatest movie run ever in the modern era. A twenty-three-chapter trilogy that began with The Incredible Hulk and ends with Avengers: End Game. I truly am grateful for the last 21 years of comic book movies, good and bad. All these hard working people have been able to give us geeks and nerds a visual memory that we could only imagine in our heads and on the pages of our monthly issues. I believe this to be the best time to be a fan, to be a collector, to be one of us.

With that in mind, I made a new purchase!

I just got a Blade Daywalker Sword Set!

The sword was designed by Factory X and is a prop replica of the Daywalker Sword from Marvel’s Blade. Apparently, they supplied some of the weapons for the filming of the sequel to Blade by prop maker Tony Swatton. There are 2 versions of the officially licensed Daywalker sword; the United Cutlery sword does not have a sharp edge, but the tip is very sharp. The Factory-X replica version (FX19991) has a sharpened edge.

Since the original Factory-X version released, many unlicensed versions have come onto the scene. To me, they all seem to be of good quality but maybe not as detailed or solid as the original licensed version. For example, some swords come with a scabbard that is worn on the wearer’s back; some have a removable knife within the hilt. All of which I would have been perfectly happy with — but I couldn’t resist buying the one that was coupled with a Daywalker Glaive.

The sword and glaive both come with stands. Both have a Blade insignia badge, and the glaive stand resembles a plaque with a version of Blade’s glyph tattoos on the wood. Both look amazing. The handle looks real. It almost feels like the spring-loaded safety will activate and launch the 4 protective handle knives, but alas, that is just movie magic. There are authentic looking marking on the handle, and I attempted to research what they are, but none of them appear to be the vampire glyphs used in the movie.

I’m impressed. I kick myself for not knowing about this item sooner. Though back then, I may have spent full price. When it released, you could have spent up to $250 for this piece. Currently, licensed or not, you can find a sword for $50 to $200 with the average prices close to $90.

The Daywalker Sword

Daywalker Sword

The sword is beautiful. I am normally not a sword person (unless lightsabers count), but the handle and feel of this is what I would imagine a superhero would carry. The hilt is solid and heavy, the blade is surprisingly sharp, and the polish is wonderful. I think the markings look great and at the base of the sword, the etching is clear. I’m very happy I made this purchase.

I wonder if the original versions were sharpened and possibly, due to liability, the powers that be chose to distribute less dangerous swords. The swords are made well enough that they can be sharpened, but what’s the purpose? The Daywalker sword is mostly going to be used for display — at least mine is. For cosplay purposes, there is definitely no reason to carry around a dangerous prop, in my humble opinion.

The BloodBath Glaive

Blade’s glaive weapons are like the Batarang with sharp knives as wings. Some have two curved knives and some three. I also would have loved to get my hands on some of the silver stakes and a chain saber…but maybe another time.

The BloodBath Glaive is solid and folds up well. It’s polished well, and the points are very sharp. The knives themselves are dull and that a good thing. This thing is heavy — it can do some damage just from being dropped — so be careful. The stand is beautiful (a little worn from previous owners, but I will give it some TLC). A careful cleaning, some light paint, and it will be good as new. Blade had 3 glaives that I know of. The BloodBath I just purchased, the Cyclone with three knives, and the Shredder, which has 2 knives. They all have different styles, and they all look awesome and menacing.

I recently checked Gemr to see if there were any other Daywalker sword owners. I found one so far, juanbernal1138. Glad to know I am in good company — go check his page out and give him a “follow.” While you’re at it, follow me and tell me what you think of some of the stuff in my collection. Until next time, go back and read some of my other blogs and I will write about more stuff real soon. Collectors of the World Unite!

Written by Lance Keeble
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