Meet The Man Making Sure All 150,000 People at New York Comic Con Have Fun

New York Comic Con now attracts more than 150,000 visitors, and it’s Lance Fensterman’s job to make sure it’s a successful event.

In every group of friends there’s the joking, movie quoting, good time Charlie that forces everyone around them to have a good time.  In a group of 150,000 self-proclaimed geeks, it’s this guy – Lance Fensterman.  As the organizing force behind New York Comic Con, Fensterman should be thanked for all the comics, crazy cool panels, and cosplay-ing that can be seen this weekend.

He started Comic Con in 2006.  By 2008 he formed ReedPOP, which is now responsible for 23 different pop culture events.  Though NY Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con are not affiliated, he assures us there is no competition between the two mega events.

New York Comic Con is “a reflection of New York City,” Fensterman said, and is “a little bit less Hollywood focused, a little bit more comic book, publishing, television focused.”

Personally, we love them both. 

If you couldn’t make it this year, be sure to mark your calendar for next years show, because this is not something you want to miss.

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