Musical shoes and dancing drones: the arts meet technology in Japan

From internet-flavoured coffee to digital ‘pills’ loaded with healing music, meet the Japanese projects changing art and techGoing beyond the concept of Cool Japan

Leave it to Tokyo to turn technology into arts and culture.  There are a variety of spaces – art galleries, science museums, creative agencies, co-working spaces, city government policy teams – that the innovative city is merging art, culture, and technology.  

One example is a new website created by a “web-based secret society”.  The site hosts regular online parties and, interestingly, also holds regular offline internet-themed flea markets called “the Internet Yami-ichi (Yami means ‘dark side’)”.  What might be sold at an internet-themed flea market?    Items featured in past years include glitch art-embroidered hoodies and internet-flavoured coffee.

Another project is The Japan Pill-harmonic that aims to revive the dwindling interest in classical music by creating little pill shaped micro SD cards that come ready to hook up to your laptop and loaded with music by the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra that will help improve various aspects of your health.

Parents, you’ll love this one – a Japanese company called Canvas hijacked digital screens in public places and displayed children’s artwork in over 6,000 places.  How cool is that??



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