Way back in 2006 NECA (still going by Reel Toys back then) released within their line of Cult Classics. This 2 pack of Shaun and Ed from Shaun of the Dead had the boys standing on a bit of the Winchester floor (the place they take refuge from the dead later in the film). Apparently, some folks didn’t know this was a thing, so I decided this review is on this classic figure pack.

The figures are in 7″ scale, and have limited articulation. Just the shoulders, head, waste, and ankles move. I don’t believe the look of the figures is from a scan. The sculpt is by Craig Campbell and Jason Frailey. I can’t say the sculpt is a a great likeness, but it gets the job done. It’s close enough you can recognize the characters based on their clothing and surroundings.

They stand reasonably easily if you plugged them into the base. I personally miss having cool bases for my figures to stand on. The Cult Classics line from NECA had some excessively fun ones — if you were lucky enough to get your hands on an original release. If NECA reissued their earlier figures, bases usually weren’t included.

Shaun and Ed come with limited accessories which include the gun from the over the Winchester bar and the shovel Ed used in the back yard early in the movie. Ed also comes with a PlayStation game controller and a hand swap so he could hold it. Lastly, there’s a Molotov cocktail, and if you look closely at it, you’ll see one of the easter eggs used in the film. It’s a bottle of Romario Savini Brandy from the Argento Distilleries.

On the floor of the Winchester, you’ll notice several little details. For instance the opened bag of Hog Lumps, a coaster, and a corkscrew among other things.

One thing is for sure, NECA made this set a fun piece to have. The duo are just covered in blood spatter. Shaun is sporting his bandanna, and he’s definitely got red on him. Ed is wearing his iconic “I got wood” t-shirt. The paint on the figures isn’t bad either, though the faces look a bit slapdash.

As far as I know, this was the only way to get the Ed figure. Shaun also had a 7″ figure that came with the Cricket bat and a bouquet of flowers. In fact, NECA did one of their only 12″ figures of Shaun — and he talks! Not just that, but if you don’t know the legend of undead Ed from China, then you’re missing out.

Apparently, someone over there took the molds for the planned zombie Ed and produced a bunch of them. Some include a set of chains and shackles that attach to an included base to go around Ed. Oddly enough, the paint on the Zombie Ed I got is pretty good. Dare I say it, it’s better than the paint app on the licensed Ed from the two pack.

Because the Ed from the Winchester needs two hands to wield the shovel, I took his game controller and put it in the hands of Zombie Ed. That’s how we see him at the end of the flick, after all. The only issue with the undead Ed is that for some reason he leans forward. I’ve never been able to get it to do otherwise.

Just as an aside, 12″ Shaun also came on a base. It even has some details like vinyl record bits and some silverware. It came with a storage box with a lid you can open and close. It’s full of records including one that comes out of the box and is partly sticking out of its cover.

Since it’s just a scaled up version of the 7″ figure, it also comes with the Cricket bat and bouquet. This guy features the nametag from his job with Foree Electric which is rightfully missing from the Winchester figure as he’d gotten rid of the badge at that point.

For the time that these were released, they are brilliant figures. The Winchester 2 Pack is one of those rare occurrences where a figure set just blew away anything else NECA had done up to that point. Sure there were other amazing figures, but having this duo in a set that specifically referenced such an iconic and popular film with horror fans, that was just monumental.

Shaun, by himself, is still pretty easy to get. Just check out eBay, and you can pick one up for around $30. The larger figure is going to be a little harder to find and will run $30 – $40. Good luck trying to find the Winchester 2 pack, though, because that will run you around $60 – $100 and I couldn’t find more than three available at the writing of this article.

If you do find one in the wild, I’d suggest grabbing it. On a side note, that Hong Kong zombie Ed used to be just $10, but I guess because the legend has grown, it’s up to $30 now. If you do go to get one, you should really make sure you’re getting one with the base and with decent paint.

And now you know all about the Winchester 2 pack, and a couple of other figures.

Written by Mr. Frights
I’m Justin Lewis. I’m an absolute fanatic of all things Halloween and Horror. For over 15 years I’ve been seeking out horror collectibles of all kinds. Combining my love of collecting with my passion for writing I review the things I collect so you know what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s downright horrific. They call me... Mr. Frights.