In 2018 Hollywood gave us a new entry into the saga that is Halloween. I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed Michael Myers latest outing, so when we got news that NECA had a figure for the movie coming out I got really pumped! Let’s face it, Halloween toys are few and far between when compared to other popular horror flicks we grew up with.

The best part about this NECA Ultimate Halloween Mike Myers figure is that it’s modern. It’s got (almost) all the contemporary articulation, missing just the chest, but that’s okay. It has double elbow joints, swappable hands, joins at the knees and ankles, and swappable heads. This is the most customizable Michael Myers figure we’ve ever been given.

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For accessories, it comes with a carved head from the film, a jack-o-lantern with the heart shapes, a fireplace poker, a hammer, a kitchen knife, and a new Judith Myers tombstone that won’t fall down because it’s got a nice base to it.

The inner box art serves as an excellent background if you’d like to display your figure out of the box and in front of something other than your wall. The outer box art reflects the mask from the film. The inside door looks like a throwback to the Night He Came Home boxed set front porch NECA released in 2004 but with the new figure; which if I do say is a nice touch.

The masks/head swaps look like they are almost exactly the same thing other than the eyes are blacked out in one of them. They have the same aging and all, so it’s a matter of if you prefer to see his eyes or not. Though I will say, you have to look closely and at the right angle to see the eyes.

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I honestly can’t help but be biased for this figure. Michael Myers was my first experience in horror movies, and I have a special place for the character. The fact that I have only one shelf of MM stuff is a tragedy in my collection. Now that seems to be getting some love from NECA as we will also be getting a Laurie Strode figure, finally. It’s older Jamie Lee Curtis from the new film, but that’s just awesome to me.

They haven’t revealed everything yet, but NECA may have other things up their sleeves to ride this new interest in Halloween movies. I hope so. Maybe go a little retro like Trick or Treat studios with their original Halloween offerings coming.

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Bottom line is that if you’re a collector of horror figures, this is really a necessary addition for you. The price tag is about $30 which is average for these ultimate figures these days. I believe it started off around $25, but it’s been out a while now. You can grab it in some stores, including for about $27 or and eBay for around $30-$50.

Written by Mr. Frights
I’m Justin Lewis. I’m an absolute fanatic of all things Halloween and Horror. For over 15 years I’ve been seeking out horror collectibles of all kinds. Combining my love of collecting with my passion for writing I review the things I collect so you know what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s downright horrific. They call me... Mr. Frights.