New York Comic Con Starts TODAY: What To Expect

From ‘The Walking Dead’ to Disney’s new films, here’s what to see at the four-day event.

New York Comic Con starts TODAY!  The four day long geek out of epic proportions is one of the largest and most anticipated events in the industry.  Even Business Insider has caught the Comic Con buzz.  They have thoughtfully put together a list of the 10 biggest reveals happening this weekend at Comic Con, just to make sure those of us who can’t make it are thoroughly depressed (as if we weren’t already).

First off – who doesn’t love Disney?  Put your hand down.  Disney will be providing an exclusive first look at two of their next big hits.  Cast and crew from “Big Hero 6″, Disney’s first animated Marvel movie, and “Tomorrowland”, a sci-fi action adventure based on Disney theme parks, will be at Comic Con to provide a not to miss sneak peek at what you can be excited for from the animated giant.

Next?  Two words: Godzilla.  Sequel.  Check and mate.  Attend Godzilla’s 60th anniversary panel at Comic Con to find out more.

Find out more about these panels as well as the disaster that could’ve been Nicholas Cage as Superman, Michael Keaton and Edward Norton’s new film, “Birdman”, a “Constantine” TV show, and so much more that you really can’t miss back at Business Insider.

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