If you think going to a single Super Bowl is a big deal, imagine getting ready to attend your 50th game in a row!

For those of you who regularly follow the world of football, you may have heard of the “Never-Miss-A-Super-Bowl Club.” For those of you who haven’t, the club’s purpose is self-explanatory; it’s a loose congregation of those who have managed to attend every Super Bowl since the first AFL-NFL Championship Game in 1967. The club’s three members, Don Crisman, Larry Jacobson, and Thomas Henschel, have received a lot of press in the past six years as well. In 2010, Visa produced a commercial narrated by Morgan Freeman featuring the club members, and the NFL have offered amenities to these die hard fans to ensure their Super Bowl attendance may continue for as long as possible. Football may have its fair share of avid fans, but these three men are a personified celebration of the sport that has created the cultural phenomenon known as the Super Bowl.

In honor of these men, the NFL has offered to this exclusive membership tickets at the 50-yard line which could cost up to $27,000, in addition to hotel rooms and compensated air travel. If only all fans could be treated to such luxuries for the historic 50th Super Bowl!

To say the accommodations are lavish would be an understatement. While the league has offered seats to the three men in the past, they have not always been the best in the house.

“We’re up in the 300s section this time,” Crisman told the New York Post before 2014’s Super Bowl, “I think we’re up in heaven.”

Of course, as the club gets older, the difficulties involved in maintaining the men’s perfect attendance increases as well. While the club initially had five members, one member became immobile after turning 80 while another passed away in 2011 at the age of 79. That said, the three surviving members have stayed true to the mission of their club.

“My end [of going to the Super Bowl] is when they put me in a box,” Jacobson told the New York Post.

As to be expected of such diehard fans, members of the Never-Miss-A-Super-Bowl Club have amassed football collections that could make any fan green with envy. In an interview with the MMQB, Crisman showed off his Super Bowl collection that covers “every inch of the [basement] walls,” including pennants, pins, and autographed footballs. His collection even includes an autographed hat signed by Diana Ross from Super Bowl 30, as well as a media guide from the very first Super Bowl. During the interview, he explains that not a lot of people wanted tickets to the first Super Bowl, and he left the first game thinking it could one day be “the world series of football.”

Oh how right you were, Don Crisman!


Today, Don Crisman still lives in his humble hometown of Kennebunkport, ME, and pieces of his collection are still on display at the local Brick Store Museum. For those interested in his collection, check out our previous coverage of the Brick Store Museum here. Even if we all wish we had his Super Bowl 50 tickets, none of us can deny that he and his fellow club members deserve them for their dedication.

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Written by TimM
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