Are you ready for an EXTREME NINETIES GIVEAWAY?!

We heard Nick is rebooting Guts and we got so nostalgic, we fell right back into the nineties. We’ve been binge-watching cartoons and chugging orange soda like the rugrats we used to be. We know you love the nineties, too — so we’re giving 1990’s Nickelodeon away. Not the station (we don’t have that kind of power), but a GIANT box of goodies for one lucky fan. We want you to intensify your nineties cred. So if Nick makes you make this face…

…you might want to enter! When you win this giant haul of Nick stuff, you’ll feel more connected than CatDog. More powerful than REPTAR. More victorious than a kid who wins Legend of the Hidden Temple (those temple guards didn’t scar us for life at all, we swear). Cooler than a baby wearing sunglasses.

Do we have your attention yet? Great! If we have you enthralled, check out this list of all the nineties nostalgia you could win:

  • A Nicktoons throwback shirt
  • Splat Coloring Book
  • Legend of the Hidden Temple – Blue Barracuda Shirt
  • Out of the Vault Cartoons DVD (it’s all your favorites in one place!)
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark Season 1
  • Kel’s Orange Soda (is it true?) Shirt
  • Glow in the Dark Reptar Funko
  • Quailman Funko
  • Annnddd because we know you’ve always wanted one… not one, not two, but THREE REPTAR BARS!!! (They actually turn your tongue green!)


You have all been SO excited about this giveaway that we added a SECOND PRIZE to it! There are so many awesome Nick 90’s fans, one prize just didn’t seem like enough! To keep things fair, we have added two weeks to the deadline to enter, so that everyone has time to get additional entries before the giveaway ends. The second place winner will receive:

  • Three Reptar Bars
  • Nickelodeon Tee Shirt
  • Nicktoons Backpack
  • Slimed: The Oral History of Nickelodeon
  • Nicktoons Water Bottle
  • Quail Dog Funko Pop!

Do these prize packs make you go:

Well then, you better enter our giveaway — just follow these three excellent steps:

  1. Click the link below
  2. Sign up for Gemr (if you haven’t already)
  3. Join the Nick 90’s Club!

That’s it — but wait! Do you want more chances to win all this amazing Nick loot? Then show off all your cool stuff in the Nick 90’s Club! Each item you add is another chance to win — so why not upload your whole collection? You have until August 3rd to enter! Good luck!

We have our winners! Congratulations Kendallfay888 and Kandigorillazfan0788!

Written by Gemr
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