Nick is Bringing Back The Nineties!

The nineties were a wild time. It was a time of Pogs, Moon Shoes (aka ankle breakers), and advertisements so extreme they seem like a fever dream. Everyone who grew up in the nineties knows Nickelodeon reigned supreme for cartoons and game shows. You’d get back from school, turn on the TV, grab a snack, and watch Nick. Sadly, that era has passed, and it leaves us nostalgic for the shows we used to watch.

We remember when shows like Invader ZimDouble Dare, and Clarissa Explains It All dominated our TVs. Don’t get us wrong, there are some great shows out there right now — but the lineup doesn’t feel the same. Or it didn’t until recently, that is. Nick caught a sickness and we hope that there’s no cure. Nick caught… Reboot Fever!!!

Nick put on their nineties nostalgia shades and kicked up the tunes. They have been announcing reboot after reboot since last April, and we hope they never stop.

So what Nickelodeon Reboots are coming?

In April 2017 they dropped the first big reveal with an Invader Zim movie trailer that teased a new movie to follow up the cult classic show. Then at the last San Diego Comic Con, Nick announced the now released Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie and the still upcoming Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling. We all immediately reverted to screaming rugrats here at Gemr. It was a mess — there’s still some green slime lurking behind the fridge. HR put us on slime probation.

Each of the titles mentioned above is going to be a stand-alone movie. But hold out hope. We assume if they do well enough, Nick might launch a series of spinoff shows. With Hey Arnold!, they finally wrapped up the question we all have been asking for 12 years — qhat the heck happened to Arnold’s parents? If you somehow missed it (maybe you’ve been to busy on your Game Boy or something), Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie came out in November of 2017. It lived up to the hype and it’s a great sign for the rest of the reboots coming out.

From what we’ve heard, Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling is a sort of reboot — they are bringing back the original voices and the premise is staying mostly the same, in that Rocko is still trying to find his way in the surreal town he lives in with his best friends. The major difference is the time it takes place in — they modernized it. The plot is rumored to hinge on how reliant we are on modern technology. That’s all we know so far, but get ready! We can only assume that the tech will turn on Rocko, as it almost always does.

The one we’re most excited for is Invader Zim, and we know even less about it than we do about Rocko. All we know is that it’s coming out sometime in 2018 — but that’s enough for us to think it’s time to sing the Doom Song. Get ready for more Zim, more Gir, and more taking over the world…maybe.

But did Nickelodeon stop its reboot train there? We are so excited to say NO! This hype train is still powering down the track. Double Dare just came back, filling the long-standing gap in the kid game show niche that we all loved growing up. Slime is on the rise, so get ready to get back into the game show that made all of us wonder what it felt like to be coated in green goo (even if HR is still keeping it from us). Sure, Marc Summers isn’t the new host, but he’s still here giving commentary! The new host Liza Koshy is more than ready to fill his shoes (hopefully just figuratively, but since this is Double Dare, she could totally fill them with any number of gross and gooey things).

They still aren’t done, so let’s keep that hype train rolling! Clarissa Explains It All is coming back too! They even got Melissa Joan Hart back to reprise her titular role as Clarissa. Sure, she is grown up now with kids of her own (who will be the focus of the show), but the new show is sure to be full of life advice and fourth wall breaking. We can’t wait to see her on screen again. Clarissa Explains It All was the first female-led show on Nickelodeon, and it led to an explosion of shows to follow. We feel there is no show that deserves a reboot more.

There is one more on the list that’s coming back, but it’s a little younger than the other shows we’ve discussed — and by younger, we mean preschool. Everyone’s favorite little blue dog is getting a full reboot with an updated look and a brand new host. Blue’s Clues was ridiculously cute and is fully deserving of a reboot — even if it’s not something a lot of us will be adding to our watch lists.

We still have Nineties Nostalgia — What’s next?

That’s a whole lot of Nick 90’s action coming back to your tv set this year. It only leaves us one question: What’s Next? We have a couple of suggestions if Nick is listening (and we hope they are). If they are already rebooting kid-friendly game shows, how about Legends of the Hidden Temple (even if the temple guards scared the brown barracudas out of us, if you know what we mean) and Guts?

Both shows were excellent. Even the not so physically inclined could get behind Guts and the Aggro tower. Legends of the Hidden Temple offered incredibly hard challanges, but you had a chance to go to Space Camp. WHO DOESN’T WANT TO GO TO SPACE CAMP?

Sorry. We got a little excited there.

If we are talking shows, how about The Secret World of Alex Mack? A kid with superpowers obtained from a chemical spill? It fits perfectly in with the modern superhero revival. Why not capitalize on it by updating those outdated graphics and give us a modern intrigue story?

Or how about Are you Afraid of the Dark? Scary shows are doing great right about now. Just look at Stranger Things and Twin Peaks (And the Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot– Neflix, not Nick). Honestly, some of the villains of those SNICKtastic stories still give us nightmares — we’re looking at you, Ghastly Grinner. We know there’s a feature film in the works, but a show as spooky as this deserves the series treatment, too. We have plenty of ghost stories if you need some ideas, Nickelodeon.

Or maybe we could get a new season of Animorphs, now that the technology is there. Heck, even an animated show. What we are saying is we loved reading Animorphs and we think Nickelodeon is finally in a place where they can really do the books justice. Who didn’t want to have the power to turn into an animal at some point in their lives? Animorphs let us live that dream — and also the consequences of having such an amazing power. We would love for Nickelodeon to take a “do over” on this series.

Mostly what we are excited about is a chance to see our favorite characters one more time. Nostalgia can only do so much. What we ask is that you enjoy the reboots and try not to be too hard on them. Old favorites hold a special place in all our hearts, so don’t judge the new shows too harshly against them. Enjoy that you got more of a thing you love, and start telling Nickelodeon all the other shows you want to see reborn!

Written by Gemr
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