New York Comic Con 2015


It’s almost that time of year again…New York Comic Con! This year we’ll be bringing the Gemr van and crew to the largest Comic Con on the East Coast. Come visit the team at Booth 2164 and learn more about who Gemr is and how we can help make your life as a collector easier! But wait, there’s more! You can’t have a booth at NYCC without something going on, especially if you’re not selling anything. So here’s what we’re doing:


Special Guest

Of course, what would any good New York Comic Con be without a special guest? This year, we’ll be bringing acclaimed cosplay star, Jessica Nigri, to the Gemr booth!

Jessica not only be the head judge for the Deadpool Cosplay Competition, but will be spending each day of the convention from noon to close hanging out, signing autographs, taking pictures and selling prints for all of her fans. More details on pricing for prints to come, but be sure to keep an eye out for some NYCC exclusives!

Not sure who Jessica Nigri is? Check out her social media pages below:
Jessica’s Facebook Page
Jessica’s YouTube Page
Jessica’s Twitter
Jessica’s Instagram


A second guest judge has appeared!

D Piddy has joined in on the action and will be one of the judges for our Deadpool Cosplay Competition! If you haven’t heard of D Piddy, you can check out his stuff below. This is gonna get ridiculous!

D Piddy’s Facebook Page
D Piddy’s YouTube Page
D Piddy’s Twitter
D Piddy”s Instagram


Nintendo World Championship

One of our crew has one of the original copies of the 1990 Nintendo World Championship (a Grey copy) that we’re letting folks get a chance to play. Over the course of NYCC we’ll be letting folks take a shot at the game, and whoever has the high score at the end of the show will receive a Nintendo prize pack…including a Power Glove! It’s so bad! All you have to do is have a Gemr account and then sit down and play! Time to brush up on your Mario, Rad Racer and Tetris!

Not only will you get a chance to play this super rare game…you can also win a prize while doing so! The top scoring player throughout the weekend will get a Power Glove prize pack, including multiple NES games and a Power Glove. You will only get one shot at playing, so make it count!


Cosplay Competition

It wouldn’t be a Comic Con without a little Deadpool cosplay…so we figured why not show some love to our (well, at least my) favorite merc with a mouth! Come by the booth dressed as Deadpool and join our Deadpool Cosplay Competition! Get your picture taken and enter our competition. The winner will be announced on Sunday the 11th at either 3PM or 4PM (Time TBD). Here are the rules:
-Come by booth 2164 in your Deadpool Cosplay from Thursday, Oct. 8th at 10am to Saturday, Oct. 10th at 12:00pm.
-We’ll take your picture (be prepared to pose!) and add it to the board.
-Voting will begin at 12:30pm on Saturday, Oct 10th and run until 4:00pm.
-There will likely be a social media portion of voting as well. This is TBD.
-Come back at 4:30pm on Saturday in your Deadpool cosplay and join the “Pool Party” where we will announce the 2015 Greatest Deadpool Cosplay Ever Award!
If you’re entering, you’re going to want this trophy as well. We’ll have it at the booth to show off during NYCC. Chimichanga.