On the Road: Natalie Joos and Liu Wen Go Vintage Shopping at Brimfield Market

In honor of the famous Brimfield Antiques & Collectibles Show being next week, here’s an article published by Vogue last year during their visit.  Vogue model Liu Wen (pictured) and Vogue photographer Natalie Joos made the journey from New York to Brimfield, Massachusetts to check out one of the largest flea markets in the world.  Brimfield is a collector’s paradise where visitors can find anything from antique furniture to pop culture to fashion gold.  You may just have to dig a little.  The Vogue model and photographer duo did just that.  They set out with the mission to find the best, most interesting vintage fashion finds throughout the entire market.  The result?  An inspiring take on what visitors can look for at next week’s show and the fashionable ways to wear vintage finds.  Enjoy!

Read the source article at vogue.com