One Man’s Opinion: “The Ramones Rescued Rock and Roll”

The Ramones were a band that, in my opinion, didn’t get enough credit for their musicianship and songwriting. Their stripped down, almost purist approach showed how bloated and unnecessary rock music had become. They were the perfect reset.

Writer for the LA Weekly and lifetime Ramones fan, Henry Rollins, was devastated when, one by one, the Ramones fatefully disappeared from the music world.  Even just their retirement from the music business was painfully enough.  Rollins recounts the experience saying, “I remember when I found out the band had retired. I was alone in a small room and it was like something had been removed from the world. I wondered if everything would be okay the next day”.  And this was still with them alive and well.  As the Ramones started to pass away a couple years later, far too young and talented to be taken from the world, Henry felt a light go out where the Ramones used to shine.

When describing the Ramones electrifying stage presence he explains, “they truly achieve[d] something that is bigger than the four of them”.

He then goes on to discuss the timeless nature of the Ramones music:

“No matter what, from now until the end of your life, Ramones songs will never lose speed. They will always be as exciting as when you first heard them. As the years go on, it becomes more and more clear: The Ramones are one of the greatest bands ever.”

Well said.


Read the source article at Los Angeles News and Events