One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s …Cloud?

New York based designers created what looks to be a cloud from over 53,000 pieces of trash.  The architects and designers working on this installation call it Head In The Clouds.  Trash used includes mostly plastic jugs and bottles that were dismantled and hung loosely over a massive aluminum frame, causing an effortless flow reminiscent of a giant cumulus cloud.  

But don’t let the easy breezy appearance of this installation fool you – the message it serves is a grim one.  The amount of trash used to create the cloud – 53,780 – is the average amount of trash disposed of in New York City — in one hour.  Sit on that one for a minute.  Imagine the visual of twenty four of these trash clouds floating around and try not to be disturbed by our wasteful habits. 


Read the source article at Visual News