One of Marvel’s Avengers Turns to Sign Language

A superhero with a disability?  There’s a fresh take you don’t see everyday.  Clint Barton, one of Marvel’s Avengers has developed “profound ear damage” from a battle he had to face (one would assume for the sake of humanity).  To give readers an idea of what he’s going through, Marvel illustrators have started implementing blank speech bubbles over Clint’s head when someone says something that he is unable to hear.  Readers are forced, just like deaf people, to assess the situation and understand what’s going on just by the visual subtleties that are abound in the comic book squares.  The Marvel comic also makes use of a wide range of linguistic gesturing through character’s utilizing sign language.  If not everybody, maybe comic book fans will at least finally gain an insight into life with hearing disabilities.

How many children with disabilities are going to rejoice knowing it’s possible to have a superhero that has a disability just like they do.  This gives them someone to look up to and a reassurance that it is, in fact, okay to be different.

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