We remember watching Transformers when we were kids — the show was an absolute staple on our TVs growing up. And we’ve been getting even cooler bots as the years have gone by! It’s also been awesome watching the toys’ transformations get better and better. While there are some G1 staples we’re still hunting for, we did find something awesome in the Gemr basement to give away to one lucky fan. We want to celebrate Optimus Prime day by giving one lucky fan an amazing prize. We found a DMK01 Optimus Prime Dual Model Kit for one die hard fan to build and display. It’s a bit different than your standard Transformer, but that means this incredible kit will really stand out on your shelf! Winning will make all your friends envious…hopefully not so envious they turn to the Decepticons, but that’s a conversation for another day. For now, your collection is what matters to us! 

We know your collection is out of this world (like, almost to Cybertron out of this world), and such an amazing collection deserves to have the coolest centerpiece. Our goal is to help collectors complete their collections, and this kit is a big step in the right direction. We think Optimus would approve. Now all you have to do is enter!

So how do you enter?

  1. Click the link below — it will take you to our Transformers Club.
  2. Sign up for Gemr (if you haven’t already)
  3. Join the Transformers Club!

That’s it if you only want one entry — BUT WAIT! Do you want MORE chances to win? We want to give them to you. Just add your collection to our Transformers Club! Each item you add is another chance to win! You only have until 10/4 to enter, so roll out — and into our Transformers Club!

Our Giveaway is Over thank you for Participating! You can continue to transform your collection in our Transformers Club!

Written by Gemr
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