Did you manage to hang on to the original 9 Beanie Babies?

We all fell to the Beanie Baby craze. Ty stumbled onto something wonderful with their cute and simple designs. Over the years there have been hundreds of Beanies put out, and hundreds retired. The Original 9 Beanie Babies though? They’re so iconic, they are still fan favorites. What does it mean if you got your hands on one or more of these rare and coveted Beanies?

Well, it’s almost impossible to find a first release, so we’re basing our calculations on what has been sold (as of March 2018). Keep in mind, the market for Beanies fluctuates, and the value is really in the tags. The Beanie Babies that are worth the most money have a 1st edition tush tag, and either a first or second edition hang tag. If all those factors line up, you could make some real cash off of these cute plushies!

Picture of one of the original 8 Beanie Babies Spot the Dog

Spot the Dog

This little puppy has done pretty well over the years. Spot is a good boy who has gained some serious value! Who doesn’t love a cute doggo? If you have a Spot in good condition, he sells for around $23…not a bad start. Sure, it won’t pay your bills, but it’s a far cry from what you probably bought him for!

Picture of one of the original 8 Beanie Babies Pinches the Lobster

Pinchers the Lobster

You might be pinching yourself for not keeping Pinchers around. This grabby little lobster has gained a decent amount of value over the years. If you didn’t snip off the tag and you kept that red fur pristine, you could make around $40!

Picture of one of the original 8 Beanie Babies Squealer the Pig

Squealer the Pig

This little piggy could make you some serious bank! Sure, it’s not a Princess bear or a Peace bear, but we’d still be squealing with glee if we had one! Squealer had a knot in his tail to help create the illusion of a spiral shape and his light pink color was the perfect fit! This little oinker sells for as much as $40 and is as cute as it is valuable.

Picture of one of the original 8 Beanie Babies Legs the Frog

Legs the Frog

Legs certainly has some great legs to stand on — in terms of value! It has certainly hopped up in value quite a bit since its release. If you have one in good condition with the correct tags, Legs sells for as much as $75. We would be hopping mad if we gave ours up without knowing that!

Picture of one of the original 8 Beanie Babies Chocolate the Moose

Chocolate the Moose

Nothing is sweeter than knowing one of your beanies is worth good money. This little Chocolate Moose became a delicious surprise on our list as it has grown in value quite a bit. This beanie baby goes for as much as a sweet $75!

Picture of one of the original 8 Beanie Babies Cubbie the Bear

Cubbie the Bear

This little bear has two versions and that itself is pretty cool! Cubbie was given out to kids at Cubs baseball games. The first 10,000 children to enter the stadium during the promotion received a Cubbie for free! It came with a commemorative card and is beary hard to find (please don’t groan — we worked hard on that pun). The traditional Cubbie is worth a good bit of money, too. If you happen to have one with an intact tag and good fur (and you can bear to part with it), you could be looking at as much as $125!

Picture of one of the original 8 Beanie Babies Flash the Dolphin

Flash the Dolphin

This dolphin really made a splash! Who doesn’t love dolphins? (Okay, okay, we’ve heard rumors they can be jerks, but we choose not to believe it). You might flip out, however, when you learn that this flashy dolphin is now worth a whopping $150! Flash has really raced up the rankings and still holds great value.

Picture of one of the original 8 Beanie Babies Patti the Platypus

Patti the Platypus

We think platypuses are some of the most interesting creatures around. They’re mammals, but they lay eggs. They’re also venomous — and they have a beak! This is why the choice to make one of the original 9 Beanie Babies a platypus is so awesome! We’re super happy they did because this little Beanie is adorbs! Thankfully you don’t have to go down under to find out what it’s worth. Most Pattis are (sadly) not worth much, but it came in a few colors (Magenta, Fuchsia, Raspberry, Maroon, and Pink). The only Pattis that are worth money have the first edition hang tag we mentioned. A Patti in raspberry with a first edition tag recently went for $165!

Picture of one of the original 8 Beanie Babies Splash the Whale

Splash the Whale

This whale is right where he belongs — in your collection. This is the most valuable of the original 9 Beanie Babies. This Beanie is sure to captivate a crowd (and their wallets) — if you have the right tags. If you choose to free Splash, and it has the right tags, you could be looking at $225!

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