The market has spoken for this Disneyland map.

Hear ye hear ye! The hype and controversy for Van Eaton Galleries’ Disneyland map has finally settled, as the historic item has officially sold at auction.

On June 25th, Van Eaton Galleries held their long awaited Disneyland auction as the concluding act of their three week long Disneyland exhibition. The event attracted media buzz in May when news broke that a “hand-drawn map of Disneyland” would be among the items at auction. It was said that Walt Disney created the map for his brother Roy to pitch Disneyland to ABC, which led spectators to estimate the map to be worth between $750,000 and $1,000,000.

However, questions of the map’s historical significance were raised, which served to muddle this narrative. We covered the story in detail, but we concluded that buyers would have to decide the map’s value for themselves.

So what did the Disneyland map wind up selling for in the end? The final bid was $708,000.

Yes, the final price shoots below even conservative estimations, and it definitely didn’t reach $1,000,000. That said, $708,000 is still a serious chunk of change for this piece of Disneyland history. Van Eaton himself was worried that the map wouldn’t sell, but that fortunately was not the case. With a starting bid of $500,000, three bidders fought for the map until an anonymous bidder won out in the end. Van Eaton Galleries’ auction would ultimately set the record for the most expensive Disneyland map to ever sell at auction.

Over 900 Disney items were displayed and sold during the event. Other notable sales include a Haunted Mansion sign that went for $25,800 and a Nature’s Wonderland train bell that sold for $16,000. All the auction items totaled over $1.3 million.

Even though the event is over, you can still check out the Van Eaton Galleries catalog here. We give our sincere congratulations to everyone who won amazing memorabilia during this auction. Though our envy here at Gemr may run wild, at least we have all our Disney Funko Pop!s to comfort us.

Written by TimM
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