Parks and Recreation Ron Pop

From Funko

A curious assortment of Parks and Recreation characters

It’s been two years since Parks and Recreation‘s final episode, but that isn’t stopping Funko from giving it some love.

Initially announced at the London Toy Fair back in January, Funko has officially revealed its upcoming array of Parks and Recreation Pop!s. Though the available Pop!s aren’t a cohesive collection of Pawnee’s finest, many fan favorites are still included. The current roster features:

  • Ron Swanson
  • Leslie Knope
  • Andy Dwyer
  • April Ludgate
  • And… Li’l Sebastian

As a bonus, Bert Macklin will also be available exclusively at Hot Topic. Limited Releases are often harder to come by, and Burt Macklin has always been a standout character (or I guess persona is more accurate). This will definitely be one to keep an eye out for.

Parks and Recreation Sebastian Pop

From Funko

Li’l Sebastian is a particularly unique addition to the Funko Pop! library, though it’s funny to see him make the cut here. It’s certainly fitting given his importance to the show’s cast, but who would have expected him over Tom, Donna, Ben, or even Jerry/Garry? Tom was part of the original Toy Fair reveal, so perhaps the rest of the core cast will be released in the future. Heck, with Bert Macklin already on the roster, they could fill an entire collection based on Andy’s many aliases alone.

Funko’s official announcement slates the Pop!s for release this summer. Websites offering preorders are estimating delivery in July and August, but this is subject to change. With the amazing popularity of both Parks and Recreation and virtually everyone who starred in it, there’s serious potential for these to fly off shelves everywhere. Let’s just hope these do well enough for us to get more of the cast, ’cause I literally could use a tiny Chris Traeger to motivate me to run in the morning.

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