Performance in The Pit: Trading Sports Cards Like Stocks caters to collectors and investors who want to trade past and present rookie cards just like the companies in a stock portfolio.

Rookie cards have been referred to more recently as “commodities”.  Can a player’s rookie card go beyond the transience of the player’s contract?  Sports Collector Daily has taken a look at how high quality rookie cards are actually beginning to be traded a bit more seriously as you would a stock portfolio. has been exploring the concept of treating trading cards as stocks a bit farther by creating a site that allows users to pick the “players they want to invest in (or collect) from a list of top stars and best rookie cards of certain prospects”.  Prices are even listed in a similar fashion as the stock market’s tried and true method of displaying sell/ask price.

Maybe it’s time to change the way we look our future investments.

Read the source article at Sports Collectors Daily