Philatelic society offering $100,000 reward for return of stolen rare stamps

It’s been six decades since two rare 1918 “Inverted Jenny” airmail stamps were stolen from the exhibition of a private collection, but the search continues.

It may not be the stuff that makes mystery novels, but you may want to dust off your detective skills to go on the hunt for two postage stamps.  Sound like searching for a needle in a hay stack?  A bit.  But for a $100,000 reward we’d search for a molecule in a haystack.  60 years have passed and two famous rare stamps are still missing.  The highly sought after stamps “were part of an intact block of four stamps from the fabled sheet of 100 “Inverted Jenny” airmail stamps mistakenly printed in 1918 with an upside down image of a Curtis Jenny airplane”.

The culprits are unknown, to the rest of the world and, more likely than not, to themselves as well.  After decades have passed, it’s likely that the current owner of the stamps has no idea that they are owners of stolen property.  If anybody finds them or hears word of this, the reward will be %50,000 per stamp.

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