‘Portraiture From Manet to the Present’ at Leila Heller

“Look at Me: Portraiture From Manet to the Present” inaugurated Leila Heller’s new West 57th Street space and continued in the gallery’s Chelsea venue. The huge show, curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody and Paul Morris, was neither intimate nor introspective. Instead, it was celebrity-inspired and showy. The spirit of Andy Warhol was represented by his black-and-blue silkscreen-on-canvas Jackie (1964) of Jackie Kennedy in widow’s weeds, which actually radiated gravitas, and in his brighter-colored Farah Diba (1977), which also had heft.

Those lucky enough to view the show were anything but bored.  Editors of ARTnews said of the event, “who says crassness doesn’t endure?”



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