Deep in the Heart of Seattle is a Bastion of Pop Culture History

The Modern Pop Culture Museum, or as it is self-titled, the MoPOP, is a building unlike any other. It’s feels almost like someone forgot to finish revealing the structure, with curious, blanket like curves that both hide and compose its incredible exterior. The MoPOP has become one of the most recognizable buildings in Seattle (outside of the Space Needle of course), but for those of you from beyond the rainy state, come on a tour with us! The MoPOP was originally the EMP (Experience Music Project), but it quickly became clear that the museum could be so much more — so it renamed itself to better express what it had become.

Now the MoPOP houses wings full of screen used props and costumes from almost every major pop movie, not to mention guitars from many of the biggest musicians in the world. In short, it’s a nerdy paradise. If you’re ever in Seattle, go! You won’t be disappointed. Wandering through the halls is like reliving all your favorite movies, and we couldn’t be more excited about the chance to pass through each wing. We can’t include all the photos here, so read on for a link to our gallery.

The World of Fantasy

When you step through the giant wooden door of the fantasy wing, you’re instantly greeted by a giant sleeping dragon. Each subsequent case is filled with costumes and props from what feels like every fantasy film from Wizard of Oz to Lord of the Rings. The collection gleams from behind cases like the treasures Smaug guards under the mountain.

The Universe of Science Fiction

The world of science fiction is far-reaching. As you enter, you’re greeted by the Terminator, Greedo, facehuggers, and more characters than we can fit into this one little paragraph. Then there is the wall of blasters — open all frequencies, because we want to tell everyone how incredible the giant wall is. They just go on and on and on! You could have the most epic battle of all time here (if they weren’t behind glass). For now, though, you’ll just have to make due with learning where each one came from.

The Basement of Horror

Creep down the stairs into a world so scary, we’re shaking just talking about it! Critters and nightmares fill every case in the room. Masks from every major monster flick litter the shelves. The Creature From The Black Lagoon sits next to Freddy’s famous striped sweater. Big Chap, everyone’s favorite alien, looms out of its case. This room really gave us the shivers, so we beat a hasty retreat — lest we be the next victim.

Every Trekkie’s Dream

One of the biggest and the best exhibits in the museum boldly covers a show we here at Gemr LOVE. This collection has every generation. Above your head, replicas of all the ships overlook the grand display. You can crawl through the Jefferies Tube and, for the brave among us, you can assimilate into the Borg. All this while exploring two floors full of Trek history.

Hall of Guitars

Not everything is movie-related at the MoPOP, however. The museum hasn’t forgotten it’s roots. The centerpiece of the museum is a giant statue made of guitars which play tunes you probably know. Just past this beautiful display is a room full of guitars from every era — old guitars, young guitars, and guitars played by names recognized in every household, including Jimi Hendrix.

Jim Henson

The temporary exhibit was the one we were dying to see, and it sure didn’t disappoint! They played the music, they lit the lights, and we met the Muppets! And not just the Muppets. They also had Fraggles, puppets from Henson’s early days, characters from The Dark Crystal, and even costumes from the Labyrinth (we wanted a 13th hour just to keep looking at them).

If you want to see our entire exploration of the MoPOP Museum, CLICK HERE to see the gallery!

Written by Gemr
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