Ralph Lauren Executive on Antiques

Mary Randolph Carter, the author most recently of “Never Stop to Think … Do I Have a Place for This?” practices what she preaches in her apartment.

“It’s the scrapbook of our lives,” said Ms. Carter, who is 68.  The Ralph Lauren executive published a design and entertaining book in 1988 entitled, “American Family Style” that reflects the trend of decorating apartments in the city to mimic country home living.  To this day that is exactly what her apartment does with a mix of fine antiques, thrift shop paintings, collectible folk art, garage sale finds, and, of course, family photos.

Ms. Carter’s advice?  “I give permission to people to fall in love with the wackiest things, to find the worth in the worthless.”

She said it.  Anything’s worth collecting if it means something to you.

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