Expecto Patronum!

Harry has one. Ron has one. Snape has one. Have you discovered yours? Patronuses are very personal, and powerful, defensive charms. They are notoriously difficult to produce and the only magic capable of warding off Dementors. Only a minority of witches and wizards are even capable of producing the animal protector, but you, YOU, my friend can absolutely produce your very own Patronus on Pottermore! BUT! Will you be paired with one of the most coveted, very rare Patronuses?

Patronuses are always animals, whether they’re fantastical beasts from the Wizarding world, like a Granian Winged Horse, or a more muggle friendly otter, à la Hermione Granger. If you think only those pure of heart can summon a Patronus, you’d be wrong. Remember Dolores Umbridge’s infamous cat Patronus protecting her from the Dementors? Harry produces a corporeal stag just like his dear old dad and Ron’s magical apparition is a fitting Jack Russell terrier. Do you have an animal you are drawn to? There are MANY Patronuses available, but once you’re assigned one on Pottermore, that’s it! You’re blocked from re-taking the quiz.

Will you get a Thestral or a dog Patronus? Most likely the latter because animals unique to the Wizarding world are the very rarest Patronuses. Even wizards and witches are most likely to conjure dogs, cats, and horses. Take heart though! The form the Patronus takes on doesn’t impact the strength of its magical ability. A mouse is just as mighty as a dragon, for example. Now that your expectations have been set let’s take a deep dive into the rarest possible Patronuses you can be sorted into on Pottermore!

An enterprising and extremely detailed oriented Reddit user did a deep dive into how Patronuses are assigned on Pottermore (on a level that is shocking and required enough research they could fill several scrolls). The user’s findings are exactly what we would expect according to examples set by J.K. Rowling in the Potterverse. Birds, multiple breeds of dogs, bears, and even a rat are all commonly assigned to curious muggles visiting the Pottermore. Bats, wild cats, snakes, bears, and safari animals like rhinoceroses are familiar to muggles, but not as commonly assigned as Patronuses.

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Perhaps you’re feeling fancy and submitted unique answers during your Patronus quiz! Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky few to get a very rare Fantastical Beast Patronus! They are available, and you too could be summoning one against dark magic.

So just what the very rare Patronuses you can be assigned? We’re sure the suspense is killing you, and we’ve led you on long enough so drum roll, please…….The very rarest Patronuses you can be assigned on Potterverse are (in no particular order) occamy, Abraxan winged horse, dragon, thestral, hippogriff, runespoor, erumpent, unicorn, fire-dwelling salamander, and Granian winged horse.

Perhaps your knowledge of beasts native to the Wizarding world is a little rusty. Let’s have a refresher! First up, the horse-type beasts. Abraxan winged horses are powerful animals most well known for pulling Madame Olympe Maxime’s carriage. Granian winged horses are, as their name suggests, grey horses with wings that are known for their speed. Thestrals are also winged horses, except they are skeletal in nature and are only visible to wizards and witches who have been touched by death.

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Dragons and unicorns are mystical animals commonly known even to mere muggles, so we’re going to skip over these more understood creatures. Next on our list of very rare Patronuses are the occamy and hippogriff. The occamy is a snake-like creature with wings, two legs and covered in feathers. Careful! This fantastical beast is aggressive! Ah, next we come to the proud hippogriff! The most well-known hippogriff to Potterheads is Buckbeak, a part eagle, part horse well known for swooping in and saving the day (and giving Draco a little comeuppance).

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Runespoors, erumpents, and fire-dwelling salamanders are our final three mysterious and magical creatures. Very little is know about the runespoor other than It is serpentine in nature and has three heads. Erumpents are huge rhinoceros-like beings with a thick hide and a large horn. They’re well known within the magical community for their erupting properties. Last, but not least, we come to the fire-dwelling salamander. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, an unfortunate fire-dwelling salamander was fed fireworks by the Weasley twins, Fred and George. The six-legged creature is, as its names suggests, born in fire and can only survive outside of flames for up to six hours.

Have you taken the Patronus quiz on Pottermore yet? We’re curious to know what creature, you’ve been assigned. Are you a badger, brown hare or calico cat? Are you the proud owner of an unusual or very rare Patronus?

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