This figure, based on the 1984’s Final Chapter, takes me one step closer to getting on with the later figures in the film series. It stands 7″ tall, with over 25 points of articulation, and a bunch of accessories — as well as the nifty window box with original art that N.E.C.A.’s Ultimate figures have become known for.

I really love these window boxes, it gives the opportunity to put some cool artwork on the box while also delivering a secure container to keep the figure and accessories protected and visible. You also have some options for display as well as saving space. While it’s not ideal since you want to show off your figure, I’ve seen people just pop these on a shelf the way you would a DVD with the spine facing out. Or you can go full show and have it with the front panel wide open to show off the interior artwork and figure.

Enough about the packaging though. This is N.E.C.A.’s umpteenth figure (literally, it’s like their 18th 7″ Jason figure) in their Friday the 13th line. It’s fair to say this is the same figure they’ve been pushing since their Friday the 13th Final Chapter figures came out in 2012. The big reason you’d want this one, however, is the accessories. It doesn’t come with all of them, but it’s got a lot — and some you wouldn’t have even if you had all the previous Final Chapter stuff.

What’s in the box? You’ll get a plethora of weapons including the corkscrew that Jason put through Crispin Glover’s hand and the cleaver that followed, ending up in Glover’s head. Along with that, you’ll find a bloody kitchen knife, a clean ax, bloody machete, and the hacksaw / bone-saw that was used to help decapitate the medical attendant.

The figure features the same outfit as almost all the other figures released for Part 3 – Part 6 (my personal favorite). You will also find an extra head that features almost the same mask hiding that ugly mug with some paint differences. The extra (battle damaged) head has a place to add the machete, but it will also fit the knife or cleaver if you’re good at balancing. The ax and bone-saw will not fit or stay.

One of the cooler accessories is the tombstone for Pamela Voorhees. It’s one of the heavier stones and has a nice bottom to it, so it stands without any problem. Though I do have to say, Jason’s grave marker from the Ultimate New Beginning figure is probably my favorite.

Some thoughts on the extra right hand you get in the box…why not two hands? You know, to hold more than one weapon. Plus, you can put some of the weapons in the hand that comes on the figure. You just have to GENTLY bend the fingers out a little to make that work. The extra hand is the one meant for holding things though. Yet again, you’ll have to GENTLY bend the fingers out to get them to fit the bone-saw and corkscrew. I’d be gentle with the corkscrew too — it seems fragile.

If you missed out on any of the Final Chapter figures up to this point or just want the extra bits that come with this version, it’s a great figure to get. I sometimes think about just collecting the Ultimate figures and leaving anything else behind. They seem to put a lot into making these worth the ever-increasing price tag. With all the articulation and weapon options, if you take this out of the box, you’ll have plenty of options for posing and just making this figure look cool on your shelf or in your photos.

Written by Mr. Frights
I’m Justin Lewis. I’m an absolute fanatic of all things Halloween and Horror. For over 15 years I’ve been seeking out horror collectibles of all kinds. Combining my love of collecting with my passion for writing I review the things I collect so you know what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s downright horrific. They call me... Mr. Frights.